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Unlike other lawyers in Massachusetts who tout their otherwise subjective qualities to win over clients, we understand that clients today are really seeking one thing: A solution. Our Massachusetts attorneys take pride in providing simple, straightforward solutions to our clients' legal issues. Before any case is undertaken, we attempt to give each client a "roadmap" of the steps we will be taking on their behalf. That way, our clients know exactly what to expect from the very beginning.

Over forty percent of our practice is devoted to residential and commercial landlord-tenant disputes. John Keramaris is a landlord-tenant lawyer who has handled hundreds of evictions in Housing Courts, District Courts, and Superior Courts throughout Massachusetts.

Our other partner, Nick Keramaris, focuses his practice on representing individuals and small business owners in employment disputes, tax planning and other matters. He regularly represents employers and employees in disputes involving employment discrimination, nonpayment of wages, sexual harassment and other claims. He also provides asset protection and estate planning services to business owners and other individuals seeking to avoid the imposition of Massachusetts and federal estate taxes.

In addition to the foregoing, our office also regularly handles legal disputes involving businesses and real property. We have successfully represented both plaintiffs and defendants in countless suits involving claims such as breach of contract, negligence and violation of the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act.

If you need to contact a Massachusetts attorney who will provide you with a straightforward solution to your legal problem, call our office. We offer a free initial consultation for all future clients. We are conveniently located in Woburn, however we sometimes travel to meet with prospective clients who cannot easily access our office. Contact us at (978) 263-7119, or via e-mail to speak with a Massachusetts attorney today.

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